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Diamond cut

Patterson Diamond Center_How to Find the

Diamond selection is subjective to taste, experience and continuous research. Diamonds are rare, the beautiful ones are unique. 

We exclusively work with the most renowned and ethical diamond cutters in the world. Most importantly, we do not own any inventory so we can give you unbiased recommendations. Seeking the best diamonds wherever they may be, at the best price possible, on any given day.

We conduct a two-step process to sift through the trade, identifying and recommending the best and most desirable stones available.

The well-known 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight) are essentially trade guidelines to define how rare a diamond is and therefore how expensive it becomes. Prices increase exponentially the higher the size, Color and Clarity combined.

Note: Round Cut diamonds are generally 20 to 30% more expensive than all other Cuts.

Therefore, we first review all diamonds for la Reserve from an analytical and financial perspective. We adjust the 4Cs accordingly based on a quality and value common sense approach. We seek to apportion your resources where they should matter most: The best Color, the appropriate Clarity towards the highest Carat weight possible.

Prices vary widely between stones with identical 4Cs. We identify the best Color, Clarity and Carat weight combination to optimize your budget and find diamonds that make “dollars and sense”.

We do not own the diamonds we recommend to our clients- we find them. We only propose stones we really believe in and would purchase for ourselves. We search far and wide from only ethical sources.

We propose diamonds exclusively certified by the GIA, the only grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide. Other laboratories overestimate the grading of stones, giving you a false sense of quality and value.

Transparency is the best policy. An unbiased appraisal validates indisputable proof of your ring’s value. Each of our rings is reviewed and evaluated by a graduate gemologist and independent appraiser, the latter of which formerly evaluated jewels for world-famous auction houses. Our experts provide you with a reliable replacement value for your jewelry. By assuring the integrity of the diamond and setting, you can feel comfortable with the lasting value of your purchase. We reassure and insure.

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